About Us

It is not easy to move things. Derived from common experiences of both founders where Ian had a terrible experience in looking and choosing a "lipat bahay" service to help him move to a different address. Ian believes that there has to be a better way to efficiently move things from one point to another. Jaypee believes on the other hand, that seamless way of delivering goods to your customer is paramount to every business.

Disputch was conceptualized on February 5, 2014. After few months of constant meetings, research and product validations, actual development came into place on June 2014 with Patrick on board.

The company was officially registered in SEC on March 13, 2015 and launched its first platform focusing on bridging the gap between truckers and shippers on April 8, 2015.

Disputch is focused in leveraging technology to bring supply chain to its new heights. We will not stop until any “Juan Craftsman” can ship its hard made crafts to anywhere in the world with just few clicks and taps.


Doing the right things right is fundamental to how we do business. On the surface it sounds like easy. We see it not. This is a tough challenge with no organized step-by-step procedures to consider. Hence, we would like to start at treating our customers, as how we’d want to be treated.

Our goal has always been the same: to allow everyone (Juan) to send something from their end to the other efficiently for a reasonable price. Like you, we put efforts to build the best product, pay attention to details and do exceptional work. We don’t take jobs lightly. We won’t promise our customers for them to feel good neither make sure that there could be no challenges along the way. One thing is certain we will disclose it with NO excuses. We will tell you on what we can do and how can we make it better. We’ll keep on learning while having fun treating each day as a good day’s work and with a good night’s sleep because we do what every customer deserves.

We would like to position Disputch as the largest, fully scaled, centralized network in Asia. Disputch invests in the future based on a long-term growth strategy. That includes hiring decisions, training programs, support systems, scalable technologies and customer service. This is bold, ergo; we don’t spend more than what we earn. We don’t and won’t waste on things that are not relevant to our commitment and to the industry's growth.

We currently serve in selected Cities and Municipalities in Cebu Province.

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